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Henna Powder (Natural, Herbal & colorless)
What is Henna?

It is grown as a hedge plant throughout India. It is cultivated mainly in Rajasthan, Gujarat & Punjab and to a small extant in Madhya Pradesh.

Botanical Profile
Botanical name : Lawsonia inermis
Botanical Family : N.O. Lythraceae

Common names: Henna, Henne, Mehandi, Mendee, Al-Khanna, Al- henna, khidab, Jamaica Mignonette, Egyptian Privet, Smooth Lawsonia, Reseda Henna is a shrub, 8-15 feet high, with small white, yellow, pink or cream-colored sweet smelling flowers. It produces blue-black berries. It thrives in hot, dry climates. Powdered (young) leaves of the plant have been in use from the most ancient times in Middle- Eastern and South Asian countries for dyeing the hair and the nails. The dyeing process is a chemical property of a brown tannin-like resinoid fracture substance that is called hennotannic acid.

Henna Our natural henna powder is made out of natural henna leaves after sorting, grinding and sieving from the henna fields. Our henna is considered as one of the best in international market.

We have henna fields for cultivation which produces best quality henna leaves not available anywhere else. Our rigorous sieving process makes very fine henna powder. Our high quality henna does not contain any extraneous dye.

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Natural Henna

Natural Henna Powder for body decoration is made very fine by sieving it three times, so that no lumps are formed while making henna paste and filling it into the henna application tool ( cone or tube)

Depending on your body chemistry and skin color, the color of applied henna comes out as - orange, red, brown, burgundy, or khaki green. The color and intensity will vary depending on what part of the body it is used and how long it is applied. However, the color can be enhanced by adding color enhancers like tea water, lemon juice, sugar, coffee water etc.

Henna body designs will fade naturally in 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the original color of the henna, how long it is left to dry, your skin type, the number of soap-and water washings, and any exfoliation of the area.

Natural henna powder for hair is applied as a thick paste to clean and dry or towel-dried hair. It forms a layer on hair outer shaft, thus repairing and protecting the hair from outer atmosphere and polluting agents. That’s why Henna is know as world’s best and only natural hair conditioner.

Henna paste is kept on hair from 2 to 24 hours (depending on the intensity of the color you want. In order to vary hair color, some of these popular color enhancers can also be added to henna paste mixture: Allspice, cinnamon, or nutmeg, Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, Egg yolk or whole egg, Cloves, Cognac, Tea, Coffee and Olive Oil


Packaging available for OEM Clients as per the requirement
Natural Henna Powder
20g, 60g, 150gms
Natural Henna Powder
500 gm

Organic Henna

Our Organic henna powder is made from high quality Organic henna leaves after sorting, grinding and hand sieving from three clothe. Our rigrous sieving process makes very fine henna powder.
*Certified Organic Henna Powder
*Best Quality Organic Henna Powder
*Used for Hair Care & Henna Tattoo Designing.

Organic Henna Powder
Herbal Henna

Herbal henna is mixture of natural henna and rare Indian herbs which are useful for hair conditioning. Apart from being very good for hair treatment it also gives some additional benefits.

A regular use of herbal Henna naturally conditions hair and gives strength and shine to the hair. Medicinal value of Henna and other ingredients take care of all scalp disorders. It acts as a hair vitalizer and anti-dandruff and promotes hair growth.

Packaging available for OEM Clients in bulk packs

Packaging available for End Users (retail packs) : 150 gms

Herbal Henna Powder

Colorless Henna / Neutral Henna

Neutral henna (also known as Colourless Henna) does not add any color to the hair but gives all other benefits of henna.

It is extremely handy for the people who want to benefit from the medicinal uses of henna but do not want color their hair. Neutral Henna is an excellent hair conditioner and makes it soft, shiny. Hair treated with neutral henna bounces with health.

Packaging available for OEM Clients in bulk packs

Packaging available for End Users (retail packs):

Neutral(Colorless) Henna