Henna Based Herbal Hair Color Powder

Radico Herbal Hair Colour Powder

Our henna hair colors are professional hair colors, made easy to use by the end customers.

Herbal Hair Color Powder
Herbal Hair Colour Powder
It also beneficial for hair care, as it contains hair treatment herbs like amla, shikakai, bhringa etc. These herbal hair colors can be used for safe, natural, chemical-free hair coloring.

Our herbal hair colors are successfully marketed & well promoted in international market of henna users. Since the hair colour market is dominated by cosmetic companies mostly marketing chemical based colours. Our herbal hair colors come out as a winner since it contains henna and hair treatment herbs which are beneficial for hair conditioning and treatment as well as hair coloring.

Our henna hair colors are packed in beautiful packaging following the international standards of packaging and also customized as per the standards of importing countries.

Our Radico hair colors are result of extensive research done by our scientists who are specialist in formulation of herbal hair colors. We have a separate state-of-art laboratory and research unit with henna experts who are engaged in testing and formulations of different shades of henna based hair colors. They make sure to formulate these herbal hair colors to be absolutely safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes.

Our Indian henna is considered to be the best in world & we use same high quality Indian henna in manufacturing of our hair colors.

Our high quality henna does not contain any extraneous dye.

Our Radico Henna hair colors can be used on all hair types - dry hair, normal hair, oily hair.

- For Both men & Women
- Ammonia Free
- Proper Grey(white hair) coverage
- Color Naturally
- Improves hair growth
- Prevents hair loss
- Enhances shine & lustre
At each stage of production process we pay high level of emphasis on the purity and quality of products. Minimal use of chemicals make our products completely natural and absolutely healthy.

Hypersensitivity test
As some people may be allergic to these preparations, we suggest to do hypersensitivity test 24hrs. before each application. To do the test, clean a small area of skin behind ear using soap and water and then apply a small qty of paste. Allow it to dry and wash it after 24 hrs. If no irritation, itching, swelling or inflammation is experienced, it may assume no hypersensitivity to the colorant exists.

Color Shades Available for OEM Clients (in bulk packs) :

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