Herbal Based Permanent Hair Color
Herbal Based Permanent Hair Color Cream
Radico Italiano Color Creams contain natural herbs, such as henna, amla, bhringraj etc. which produce a particularly gentle coloration and very natural color results. They are free of ammonia.

NEW! Ready-to-Use Formulations
The new Radico Herbal Hair Color Creams represent a truly new and innovative approach to hair coloring. Based solidly on decades of experience with the popular Radico Herbal Hair Color powdered mixtures, the new Color Creams add convenience and simplicity to the process.

A perfect color result in two steps:

Radico Herbal Hair Color Creams are applied evenly with a dye brush, strand by strand, starting at the hairline and then spreading the color along the length of each strand. Depending on how strong the color should be, the Color Creams ought to be left in the hair for 30 minutes. Finally the hair is rinsed with plenty of water.
After Coloring
For your hair's color maintenance we recommend Radico Italiano Color Conditioner Shampoo instead of shampoo. This special conditioner intensifies and underlines the color and brilliance of your hair. Applied immediately after coloring, this Color Conditioner encapsulates the herbal coloring like an invisible film and ensures long-lasting brilliant colors.
Natural Black
Natural Dark Brown
Natural Brown
Natural Burgundy