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Radico Oxy Hair Color

Radico Oxy hair color is the first hair color in India, which contains special ingredient called Lanolin. Along with the coloring of hair, It oxygenates every strand of hair gently and revives natural look of the hair. It saturates hair with incredible radiant color.

In present times, due to excess traveling and pollution in environment, hair becomes weak and fragile. Due to its special ingredient Lanolin, along with the coloring, it makes hair healthy and moisturizing.

Our Radico Oxy hair colors can be used on all hair types - dry hair, normal hair, oily hair.

- For Both men & Women
- Ammonia Free
- Proper Grey(white hair) coverage
- Color Naturally
- Enhances shine & luster

Radico Oxy Hair Color Cream has been voted as Best Buy by “Consumer voice magazine” for the year 2009-2010

Hypersensitivity test

As some people may be allergic to these preparations, we suggest to do hypersensitivity test 24hrs. before each application. To do the test, clean a small area of skin behind ear using soap and water and then apply a small qty of paste. Allow it to dry and wash it after 24 hrs. If no irritation, itching, swelling or inflammation is experienced, it may assume no hypersensitivity to the colorant exists.

Color Shades and ready to use packaging available for End Users (in retail packs) :
Colors Available : Natural Black, Natural dark brown, Natural Brown, Natural Burgundy