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Inception and Growth :
Radico, Export Import was established in 1992, with a mission to promote complete body decoration in the international market. Only few companies mark their progress the way Radico did in a short span of 8 years. Radico's growth chart is going upward year after year. The outstanding success has been achieved by following company's only vision to maintain consistent quality of its exquisite and premium items. Our receiving of the prestigious The Arch of Europe Gold Star Award is testimony to this fact.

Our Team :
The company is promoted and headed by Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt, who specializes in international marketing and has an impressive record and rich experience in various national and international companies.

Our common goal is to provide quality goods to our clients. Hence we have a highly qualified team of professionals-all trained and highly skilled whose continuous endeavor is to deliver quality goods on time.

Inspiration and Philosophy :
India has an opulent heritage, which is evident in its culture, traditions and customs. The lifestyles of India present a lucrative source of information about the various techniques of body decoration. Solah Shringaar ( 16 traditional accoutrements) and ornamenting their bodies with jewelry has always been a passion with Indian women. The culture has been adored and preserved by the proud Indians since the days of yore. Believed to be the oldest heritage of the world, Indian culture has also been proved scientifically accurate. No wonder, the whole world recognizes and utilizes the benefits, which India has gifted them. Radico was founded following the same philosophy. Since its inception, Radico's aim has been to promote the rich knowledge and assets from the treasure trove of Indian heritage.

Products Profile :
Radico manufactures a whole gamut of body decoration products.Inspired by Indian concept of Solah Singaar ( 16 traditional accoutrements), we attempt to adorn the woman from head to toe with latest designed body decorative items. Today, we specializes in making premium quality body decoration products like Henna, Bindis (body dots), Fashion jewelry items, Fashion accessories, Semi-precious jewelry, Embroidered dresses, Pashmina products, Handicrafts, Aromatic & Ayurvedic products, and Musical instruments among others.

The Mission we nurture at Radico :
Radico's mission is to help people, across the world, reveal their inherent beauty.

Our Business Policy :
Radico aspires of achieving long term business relationship with its clients based on strong corporate ethics. At Radico, we believe and practice Karma's theory (theory of action) that is based on maintaining a harmonious relationship at every front of your life while fairly fulfilling your duties towards the society and self. This philosophy encourages us to maintain high quality and strict delivery schedule so as to successfully cater to the clients' requirements.

Our Widespread Market :
We have a huge list of highly satisfied clientele (the companies and stores) spread across the world. Covering almost every part of Asia and Europe, Radico's clients are in based in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Malaysia, Bahrain, Taiwan, Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, Holland, Austria, USA and Canada.

Our Work Culture :
We have a satisfied workforce, which in turn produces satisfactory results for our valued buyers. They work with full devotion and enthusiasm that governs our image as an employer friendly organisation.Our employee's requiremnts are taken care of so well that we do not have to employ any child labour. At Radico, we have created an atmosphere that gives our employees a sense of belonging, which surely affects company's growth as a successful and progressive group.

Achievements and Awards :
Radico has made an enormous growth in a very little time. Our constant efforts and the quality of products are appreciated across the world. Radico is now a proud recipient of a prestigious international award- the Arch of the Europe for 2001.