Hair Regrowth Kit
Radico Herbal Hair Regrowth Shampoo & Oil
Radico Hair Regrowth Oil & Shampoo is a unique formula, which has been launched in india after its success in USA. The product is a fine blend of Rare Hair Treatment Herbs (RHTH) which helps reduce the hair loss and supplement the process of hair regrowth. Radico Hair Regrowth Oil & Shampoo has been made as per the age old ayurvedic system of treatment.

- Prevents Excessive Hair Loss
- Helps Hair Growth and Re-growth
- Works as anti dandruf and Hair treatment product
- Prevent Premature Greying of Hair
- Visible Result in 15 days.
Hair Regrowth Kit
50gms shampoo & 50 gms Oil @ $ 2.80
Hair Regrowth Result